Posh Pandas

A collection of Posh Pandas on the Ethereum Bamboo Blockchain.
Join our community of 5000 uniquely generated Pandas on Saturday August 7th 2:00PM ET!


Five 1/1 Pandas will be auctioned off with 100% of proceeds going to a charity of the community's choice
Free 2nd collection to Panda holders
Exclusive giveaways to Panda holders
Livestreams with artist for the creation of Baby Pandas
Collaborating with the community to help determine the future of Posh Pandas

About Us

Posh Pandas is a project of 5000 unique Pandas made by a team of 4 friends with a love and interest for crypto & NFTs. We're ready to grow and build a strong community alongside you guys. We will be sure to include everyone when deciding the future of Posh Pandas because it's the community's project. We are determined to continue providing back to our community in any way we can, starting with a free 2nd collection of Baby Pandas distributed to Panda holders the following weeks of drop day. This is a project made with passion, and on top of that, who doesn't want a badass Panda?

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Number of unique Posh Pandas

0.04 Ξ

Cost of each Panda

August 7th

Posh Pandas Release Date, 2PM ET/11AM PT/6PM UTC

Baby Pandas

Free 2nd collection for all holders


Five 1/1 Pandas auctioned with 100% of proceeds to charity


Frequently Asked Questions

When does Posh Pandas release?

Posh Pandas is set to release on August 7th 11:00am PT/2:00PM ET/6:00PM UTC

What's the cost and mint size?

Each Posh Panda will cost 0.04 Ξ + gas, and will be limited to 5000 pieces.

What happens after?

We will first be focusing on getting our 2nd collection out to Panda holders. For every 2 Pandas a collector holds, they will be qualified for a free Baby Panda.

We will also be working with the community determine the future of Posh Pandas.

Are there charities involved?

Yes, we will be auctioning off five 1/1 Pandas with 100% of the proceeds going to a charity chosen by the community.